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Reasons to Collect Coins

I wrote a post recently regarding coins and how people focus their collections, now I would like to define some reasons that we get into this fun hobby and why you should start if you haven't already. Coin collecting has its ups and downs like almost any hobby but it keeps us entertained and gives us something to show off and take our minds away from the stresses in life. So without further ado, here are some great reasons to be a coin collector.

1. Make Money. I had to start with this one as it is not the most...

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The New Beautiful Norwegian Currency

banknotes currency new currency norway norway currency norwegian curreny

WOW, that is some beautiful banknotes that will eventually be Norways currency and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on some. The colors of the notes themselves are a thing of beauty, but also the design is absolutely incredible. Even though these banknotes will become the actual currency of Norway there is no mistaken the value for any collector, as these will be a must have for any collection. Please stay tuned to our shop for when we can get our hands on these, or contact us immediately to get in line to be one...

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Coin Collecting Themes

Coin Collecting Themes

Hey everyone just wanted to post some information I thought would be very helpful and educational regarding coin collection. Enjoy!

Below are themes that many collectors go by for the hobby or investment of coin collecting, but sometimes these themes are combined.

Some coins of Ceylon.

  • Country collections: One of the most popular themes for hobbyist and enthusiasts is focusing their collecting by a country or country. Most of the time they focus on their own country. In contrast, some collectors look to obtain a coin (or certain amounts of coins) from every country that has issued a...

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100 Trillion Dollar Banknote - The Hottest Collectible

100 Trillion Dollar buy zimbabwe banknotes buy zimbabwe currency Zimbabwe Hyperinflation Currency

The 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote is the hottest collectible in currency anywhere. We our consistently bringing in huge quantities of this bank note and selling them right off, but why so popular?

Well it is one of the highest denomination of currency ever created for starts. Its great for party gifts, showing off to your friends or hanging in your house. Economy buffs love it as well as banknote collectors.

They can be purchased in any quantity, just contact us if there is something other that what is posted. We always keep stacks of authentic banknotes that can be shipped out...

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Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation Currency

Hyperinflation is defined as extremely rapid or out of control inflation. There is no exact number, time period, or % increase in currency to define hyperinflation as you can see in the below graph. If there are economical depression then hyperinflation will often occur when the money supply is not supported by the gross domestic product, which leads to a large increase in money.  This results in an imbalance in the supply and demand for the money. These prices tend to increase when left unchecked. 

One of the most famous cases of inflation was in Germany where the average price level increased...

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